Unique travel kits from Aviator: comfort and convenience in every element

In the modern world, travel has become an integral part of many people's lives. Whether it's a business trip, vacation or just a short trip, it's important to feel comfortable and confident. Aviator offers unique travel kits that contain everything you need for your comfortable stay on the road. Our kits include toothpaste, brush, socks, sleep masks and more, providing you with maximum convenience in any environment.
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 Why choose Aviator Kits?

Aviator travel kits are not just a set of useful things, they are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Every detail of our kit is thought out to the smallest detail to meet the needs of even the most demanding travelers. Let's take a closer look at what our kits include and why they are so popular with travelers around the world.

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Toothpaste and brush

We know how important it is to maintain oral hygiene on the road. In each Aviator kit you will find a compact toothpaste and brush that are convenient to use and store. They take up a minimum of space and will always be at hand at the right moment.



Long hours on the road can be exhausting, especially for the legs. Our soft and comfortable socks will provide your feet with comfort and warmth, which is especially important on long flights or train trips.


Sleep masks

It is important to get a good night's sleep for well-being, even on the road. Aviator sleep masks are made of a soft, pleasant-to-touch material that helps to completely block out light and create ideal conditions for sleeping anywhere.

 Advantages of Aviator Kits

- Compact and lightweight: All items in Aviator kits are carefully selected and designed to take up as little space as possible and be as light as possible. This makes it easy to put the kit in your carry-on or bag and always have everything you need at hand.

Aviator also offers a unique opportunity to create customized travel kits. We specialize in product concept development and provide a full range of services – from design development to production at our facilities in China. You can order kits from us that will fully meet your needs and preferences.

 Order a customized travel kit

We work with customers all over the world and guarantee high quality and unique design of each product.

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 Why choose Aviator?

Aviator has been developing and manufacturing travel products for many years. We are proud of our experience and knowledge in this field and strive to offer our customers only the best. Our travel kits help to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, regardless of its duration and conditions.


Aviator travel kits are the perfect solution for those who value comfort, quality and style. Regardless of whether you are going on a short trip or a long trip, our kits will help you always be ready for any conditions and feel comfortable on the road. Don't miss the opportunity to make your travels even more enjoyable and convenient with Aviator kits.

 Unique offers from Aviator

In our assortment you will find both standard sets and unique collections designed specifically for different types of travel. For example, we have business travel kits that include additional accessories such as travel chargers and document organizers. We also offer family travel kits that include baby masks for sleeping and fun on the road.

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